April 28: BAY AREA DANCE WEEK/National Dance Week Edition

It’s NATIONAL DANCE WEEK! We’re kicking it off with an amazing line up on the World Dance Stage at HOW WEIRD STREET FAIRE this Sunday (we’re there all day- come say hi!). To continue the fun, this week’s like up is full of AWESOME!

DULCE VITA is back behind the decks! Get ready to put on your dancin’ shoes and burn up the floor to her tracks.

We are having a special Dance Week event as well- KAMILLE of ROCKABELLY will be teaching an INTRO TO BELLY DANCE class for all of you that have watched, enjoyed, and wondered how our resident performers learned their stuff! Come and get a taste of why they love it so much, and learn a couple of new moves.

Class begins at 8pm AT F8.

ZOE JAKES is back with her CHOREOGRAPHY students. If you counted the number of songs this lady choreographs in a year, it would be staggering. Come and make some noise for these gals- they’ve been working their butts off for the last 4 weeks learning this dance. @_@

KAMILLE will also be performing her own version of fusion belly dance for us, LISA PRICE of SALIMPOUR School will be delighting us with a solo, SADIRA is sure to leave you boggling at her strength and grace, and SHONDELL will lead you down the unbeaten path of fusion dance.

A FULL WEEK! Come and celebrate DANCE in all of its forms with us. Looking forward to seeing you all!


Normal weekly schedule:

8PM: Music starts
FEBRUARY onward: Performance sets at 9 and 10.
DJ sets all night following performances, till midnight or later. We have transitioned to earlier hours, and are now offering 2 sets of performances.

(*On certain weeks with larger Special Guest lineups, we have sliding scale entry fee and may not offer free early entry – but we will honor it if you ask).


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