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Underground Nomads is a collective of Performance Artists coming together to share their creative talents with you. We are building our nights from the ground up and can use all the support we can get to help us to keep running the nights for years to come.

We have set up a fund at the Gofundme website  – Every little bit helps. You can choose to donate toward production, promotion, the artists or the overall fund.


A little bit of background (more details at the Gofundme page):

What we will be using raised funds for:

Promotion – getting the word out by printing nice color posters and flyers, distributing them around SF and the bay area. We are doing this already at a smaller scale, but we need to increase it to spread the word and get more people coming through the door. We also plan to kick up online promotion (This is where you can help also – by posting to your social networks and telling people about the event – word of mouth is an amazing help and worth more than some realize).

Production value – In addition to the cameras for live stream, we want to get some nice lighting for the dancers. Our dancers put a lot of time and effort into costuming and makeup, and – while we enjoy the small club atmosphere – we want to highlight them in the best way possible. We will also need a reliable live stream subscription. For now, we will use the computers we have to stream, and the club has a good sound card patched into the DJ mixer – so we’re good on that hardware.

Supporting the artists – Right now, the dancers are performing for tips, and on some nights they do great. Our DJs are working together to build the night and we are sharing what comes through the door. Our goal is to build to a night where we can support expenses, our resident crew (dancers, musicians and DJs) and guest performers. At the moment, funds coming from the door go directly back into promotion, running expenses and covering our crew just a little bit when we can.

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