Resident Dancers

Our Resident performers are committed to the growth of their community and artform- we are extremely thankful for their hard work and talents!


Amberetta is empowering women, one shimmy at a time. She wields swords, spins fire, sparkles, embraces her femininity, and cultivates integrity and self-confidence in herself, her students, and her peers. She currently performs as a soloist in the San Francisco bay area. She is a second-generation bellydancer who began performing at the age of four, studying ballet, jazz, and tap, as well as the piano. In addition to her solo work, she occasionally dabbles in group dance projects.


Angela started belly dancing a little over 4 years ago in Fairbanks, Alaska. She moved to the Bay Area a year and a half ago, and now dances primarily with Jill Parker and the Foxglove Sweethearts. Angela has a background in Raqs Sharqi and Tribal Improv, as well as previous training in jazz dance. As a soloist, she now focuses on Fusion belly dance. As a performer, her primary goal is to let her dancing reflect her deep love of music and movement.

A unique performer with a wide range of talents, Bramani is a tribal fusion belly dancer, aerialist, fire performer, burlesque dancer, and clown.  She is also the creative director of Whims & Whiskey Cabaret.  In her work, she strives to seamlessly intertwine circus and danceinto spectacular, evocative, and transformative experiences.  She has performed all over the bay area including at the world famous Hubba Hubba Revue and San Francisco’s Supper Club. Bramani has danced under the direction of noted performers that include Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, and Mira Betz and continues to study with Suhaila Salimpour.  One of her most recent accomplishments was to be featured as a fire breather in Machine Heads new music video, “Now We Die”.  To keep up with her upcoming performances and classes visit her website and her FaceBook page.
Most known for her musicality and ability to connect with the audience, Calamity Sam is not afraid to ham it up and show her sense of humor on stage.  She has been a featured performer and instructor in France, Holland, Spain, England, and across the United States.  Sam is an instructor of Hot Pot/Unmata Improvisational Tribal Style (I.T.S.) and has weekly classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. She is also a member of The Bhoomi Project, Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot, and COVEN Dance Company- while she also runs ongoing projects with her own group, the Calamitous Collective. Calamity Sam sees tribal fusion belly dance as the medium of the eclectic- stringing together the pieces of inspiration from all over the globe and mixing them up in her own way, while paying homage to the traditions of world dance.

Chandala Shiva is a bellydance artist and instructor from the Santa Cruz Mountains.  She is the owner of White Tara Studio, a certified Practitioner of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements of Bellydance, the director of Satinka Bellydance and a proud member of Arcana Music & Dance.  She trains hard, dreams big, loves bigger and always dances from her heart.

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance (ATS®) is a modern style of dance created by FatChanceBellyDance® director, Carolena Nericcio.In 1974, Carolena began dancing with Masha Archer and the San Francisco Classic Dance Troupe. Masha’s style was an eclectic blend of classic Egyptian, Folkloric, and any other influence that she found enticing. Masha, a trained painter and sculptor, taught her dancers to create art through dance. In 1987, after the SF Classic Dance Troupe disbanded, Carolena began teaching in a small studio in the Noe Valley Ministry. Her only goal was to teach people to dance so she could have dance partners.
Cues and formations are the brilliance of ATS®. Often unnoticed because of the elaborate costumes, fancy steps, exciting music, and sheer beauty of women dancing together, formations and cues are the anchor of improvisational choreography. Even occasional formal choreography is created around the logic of the formations and cues.

The core concept remains in place: leader to the left, followers to the right. Watch for interaction among the dancers, who always have their attention trained on the lead position, looking for the cue for the next step. When the dancers face each other and make eye contact, the lead is neutral, falling to the dancer who presents the next cue. But don’t think too hard! Allow yourself to see the whole picture: women working together in cooperation; a group focused on presenting the dance as one entity.

Jennifer began dancing at the tender age of 4 and was dancing professionally as a ballerina at age 17.  Currently, Faust is a member of the Music and Dance ensemble Arcana directed by Zoe Jakes and Danielle Elizabeth,  Deshret Dance Company  directed by Ariella, Dangerous Beauties directed by Surreyya Hada and Rose Harden and is currently  directing a contemporary dance film “Triptych (Dust, Blood and Water)”.  Faust has also been a guestdancer with Kami Liddle’s Gold Star Dance Company and has collaborated in the past with artists such as Freya and DJ Amar and has performed at events such as Hip N’ Bass, Electric Vardo, Underground Nomads, Carnival of Stars, Tribal Fest, The Renaissance Faire Northern, Rakassah and Shadowdance.   In addition to working as an oncology nurse, Faust is dancing, training, choreographing, and dreaming of new projects that will push the boundaries ofdance and film and movement to places unexplored.

Millie took her first belly dance class with the Mamma of Tribal Fusion, Jill Parker 8 years ago. After moving to NYC, Millie continued her dance studies with Sera Solstice, Danielle Hutton, and the East Coast Tribal stylization of movement. She also studied extensively with Cammi Darshan Vance. A member of Darshan’s troupe Petrichor, she performed with them at Venus Uprising 2010, Tribal Fest 2012, and Danse du Ventre at the Alberta Rose Theatre (Portland, Oregon) in 2013. Millie is a member of Jill Parker’s  troupe Little Egypt and is working on developing her own voice in dance as well.
Niusha with sword
Niusha grew up on the island of Alameda in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area dancing ballet, tap and jazz. As an adult, she wanted to find a way to get back into dancing in a form that welcomed all body types and ages. She found belly dance and it was love at first class. She has danced in many troupes including a troupe of mothers and daughters with her own mother. She believes in constantly growing and challenging herself in dance and often participated in student troupes of her belly dance idols.She currently teaches an all levels class and directs her own troupe, Hip Logic. She incorporates her background dance styles into her belly dance and hopes she inspires the love of dance in others.


You could say that Shanti is a bit of a bellydance nerd, or even a lot of a bellydance nerd! Big, brassy finger cymbals and ooey-gooey isolations are where it’s at for this girl! Shanti was first exposed to this crazy dance form in 2002 and has fallen very deeply in love over the years. Within that time she has explored many styles of bellydance (American Cabaret, ATS, Turkish Rom, Arabic Folkdance, etc.), most recently focusing on Tribal Fusion and dancing with those who inspire her.

Shanti is 8 Elements Phase II certified and enjoys collaborating in group projects as well as performing as a soloist in Los Angeles and throughout the West Coast. She is currently a member of Aubre Hill’s Qabila Folkdance Company and co-directs Mas’uuda with Scotie Clark.

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Shondell was born at a very early age.  She grew up poor and wuzzled and didn’t discover dance until she was already an adult.  Anyway … now she loves dance, bunnies, anddancing bunnies.  HA.  If you’re a fan of super weird music, Shondell just might dance to it.  Check her out.


Director of the acclaimed Dangerous Beauties dance troupe and Co-director of Troupe Scimitar Surreyya is a an award-winning, international performer and instructor. She sings in English and Turkish, and dances regularly solo as well as with several world fusion and rock bands. Surreyya’s performance is full of excitement, and is inspired by Egyptian, Turkish and American Tribal flavors of dance. She has performed for Cirque du Soleil and is an annual entertainer for Apple, Sandisk and Yahoo corporations. Surreyya is currently working toward her masters degree in dance performance/production.


T. fell in love with dance “at gun point” at the age of 5 in the Soviet Union, where she was introduced to Ballet and Ballroom via the infamous Russian instruction methods. She has since found other forms of dance to love, including fusion belly dance. Her influences come from wonderful teachers and mentors, the poetry of genuine human experience, and the music itself.

She has had the pleasure of performing with The Lady Fred’s Black Heart Ballads, The Americano Social Club dancers, DJ Amar and Calamity Sam at Taverna Nights, Jill Parker’s Student Dancers, and Elizabeth Strong & Rose Harden’s Shtetl Shakers.


Tessera Tribal is a studio troupe at FatChanceBellyDance®, performing American Tribal Style® Belly Dance in the classic improvisational style. These dancers have all come from elsewhere to further their dance practice at FCBD, and together they showcase the community spirit ATS is best known for.

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   Wendy Marlatt is known internationally for her uniquely elegant and vibrant dance. Her performances weave a divine fabric that invite the viewer on a journey thru world dance history blending the ancient with the contemporary.
   Dancing from the age of 6, Wendy began her study of tribal belly dance after an an inspiring trip to Egypt. She began her studies with Carolena Nerriccio and FatChanceBellyDance® in 1995. Since then she has gained extensive and diverse training in diverse genres of bellydance as well as flamenco and sevillanas.

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