May 5th: Suresh | Bramani, Calamity Sam, Yvonne Michelle, Ali Hawkes

Hello MAY! It’s warming up, and most of our community is in crazy prep time for Tribal Fest®!! We still have our weekly check in with you all- Underground Nomads loves being your year-round world rhythm and dance home.

This week, we have SURESH back behind the decks- he played an awesome set at HOW WEIRD, and we are so thankful to have him as our 1st Tuesday resident.

Our dance performances this week are brought to you by the number FOUR. We have four delightful talents to help you enjoy your night. BRAMANI will be performing- never failing to bring the sultry vibe. YVONNE MICHELLE is back, bringing her old timey-wimey folksy feel. ALI HAWKES will also be delighting us- this gal may be new to the community, but she’s working her butt off, and it shows. And lastly- ME! CALAMITY SAM. Who will most likely just wave her arms around and giggle.

Can’t wait to see you all there!


Normal weekly schedule:

8PM: Music starts
FEBRUARY onward: Performance sets at 9 and 10.
DJ sets all night following performances, till midnight or later. We have transitioned to earlier hours, and are now offering 2 sets of performances.

(*On certain weeks with larger Special Guest lineups, we have sliding scale entry fee and may not offer free early entry – but we will honor it if you ask).


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