July 31 | 5 Year Anniversary + Last Weekly Tuesday Underground Nomads at F8 | DJ Suresh & DJ Amar and Featured Performers

Underground Nomads ~ Keeping the Global Vibe Alive *•♫*

This is the big one! Not only is it a 5th Tuesday Benefit night. Not only is it Underground Nomads’ 5th anniversary. But it is also Underground Nomads’ last show! And it will be EPIC. Promise. 🙂

This Benefit is for you!
On 5th Tuesdays, we have hosted benefit nights for different charity organizations and causes that we have wanted to support. Since this night is our final weekly Tuesday, we invite you to come for free, though we will happily accept donations which will go to the performers, and we encourage tips for our performers. Bring your IDs, as this is a 21+ venue.

Doors 7:45pm / Show 8:45pm / AfterParty in Back Room 10:00pm
We will have 2 sets of performances. First set will be at 8:45. Second set will be at 9:30pm.
Then we will have an AfterParty in the back room from 10:00pm onward.

DJs Amar and Suresh


Analetta . Nicole Maria . Sophilya Leggz


Improv set with Ayre Briar . Millie Rose . Verbatim

Surreyya . Laura Elisabeth

Jill Parker + Elizabeth Strong + Sarah White + Shanti Bardot

Doors open at 7:45 PM with global beats by DJ Suresh. Dance performances start at 8:45 PM.

F8 – 1192 Folsom, SF. (Folsom & 8th St) 21+

This is our last Weekly Tuesday, but it is not the last Underground Nomads show. We will continue to host occasional shows in the Bay area, here at F8 and in other locations around the bay, as well as in different cities around the world. We have shows in the works in Oakland, Seattle and Spain. Keep an eye here on the website for updates, or subscribe to the blog and you will receive notifications. We will also post on the facebook page.


Guest dancer Analetta is from Billings, Montana and has been dancing for 7 years. She is a Rachel Brice certified 8 Elements Practitioner and has also earned Zoe Jakes Dancecraft Key of Diamonds certification. She has been doing ITS for 4 years with Tesseract Dance Collective. She makes most of her costumes and jewelry herself; occasionally she sells some of what she makes.


St. BlueJay Soaps will also be vending. St. BlueJay Soap Co. is a local creative studio specializing in handcrafted artisan soaps and body products. Inspired by wildlife, botanicals, and minerals, St. BlueJay’s luxurious lineup will feature signature scented bars, crystal and gem soaps, shea-based skin balms, and oil serums. https://www.facebook.com/stbluejaysoapco


For weekly lineup information visit our Calendar page at:


We truly appreciate your support!


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