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October 7th: Suresh | Calamity Sam, Pixie Fordtears , Elizabeth Zohar



This week it’s back to our regular weekly dancefloor fun with DJ Suresh! After a successful (and large) event this past Tuesday, we’re taking it back to basics.

Resident dancers Calamity Sam and Pixie Fordtears will be sharing their talents with us, and we are excited to have a guest this week: Elizabeth Zohar.



Elizabeth Zohar is a tribal fusion bellydancer and teacher,  a meditation instructor, a long time Tai Chi practitioner a certified woman’s circle facilitator and a painter.

Elizabeth fell in love with tribal fusion dance at the age of 22, and since has  traveled all over the world to perfect her dance education.  She has studied under world renowned teachers such as Ariellah , the Lady Fred, Jill Parker, Miriam Peretz and Eliran Amar. In addition Elizabeth studies other dance forms such as American Tribal Style Bellydance, Modern dance and Popping.

She’s been performing in Europe and the United States, as well as producing her own tribal fusion shows and events in Israel. Her style is seen as a combination of Tribal fusion Bellydance ,Dark fusion (a more dramatic, expressive style of tribal fusion created by Ariellah) and her own theatrical accents. She loves using everything from Tai chi sword dance to special FX make up to enhance her theatrical performances and take the audiance to unexpected  journeys of  DANCE , emotion and fantasy.

Elizabeth creates her own music mixes for her performances using everything from dark to electronic to ambient world music, while at times performing with energetic Dubstep improvisations. She is known for her strong stage presence and sense of storytelling. For inspiration Elizabeth turns to many resources such as classical era symbolic painters, celtic mythology and rituals and the modern age alternative scene.

At the present Elizabeth teaches classes  her own studio in Herzelia and in Tel-Aviv, while performing in numerous events in Israel and abroad.



Normal weekly schedule:
9pm*: Music starts
10pm: Dance Performances start at or shortly after 10
DJ sets all night following performances, till 1am or later

(*On certain weeks with larger guest lineups, we start earlier, at 8pm, have sliding scale entry fee and may not offer free early entry – but we will honor it if you ask)