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Feb. 18: Drumspyder, Danielle Lottridge + Loud Zoo, Larissa Archer, Tatyana

We are happy to have an amazing music producer and percussionist making his solo debut at Underground Nomads. You may have seen him performing with Makyo and Jinniyah when they came through in September. He is well known and loved in the Tribal Belly Dance community and in the world electronica scene.

In addition to our usual mix of awesome dance performances with residents Tatyana and Larissa Archer, we have an extra-special piece by our resident Danielle Lottridge, joined by guest MC Loud Zoo.


Scott Sterling‘s inspiration is the drum and drumming, the creation of rhythm with the human hand. Equally important is the primal connection between drummer and dancer. An expert percussionist of many years training, he is immersed in rhythm and all its modalities, from the hypnotic, trance-inducing pulse to the energy of ecstatic dance. Bringing the drums to bellydancers, yogis, and the emerging transformational festival culture, Drumspyder weaves the rhythms and tonalities of the Mediterranean and live Arabic percussion into his own style of electronic dance fusion, distinguished by its funky, (belly) danceable grooves and rhythmically intense, percussion-driven sound. He works in a broad range of tempos – ranging from slinky, sexy downtempo through funky mid-tempo whomp to high-energy tribal house. He is also ready to collaborate with dancers or other types of stage performers in improvised Arabic-style drum solos or choreographed pieces.

Originating in San Francisco’s crucible of bellydance, bass culture, and world music fusion, Drumspyder has released 3 albums worth of original music (most recently “Kytheria” on Dakini Records) and is a prolific remixer, lending his signature live percussion and melodic touch to the Desert Dwellers, the Spy from Cairo, Mirabai Ceiba, and various traditional Arabic ensembles, with many more on the way. In addition, his music has been featured in numerous dance DVDs and theatrical productions. 2013 saw Drumspyder appearing at festivals throughout North America, including Luminosity, Photosynthesis, Gratifly, Shambhala, and MEME, as well as the Hadra Trance Festival in France.Danielle and Loud Zoo

Danielle Lottridge is a Canadian belly dancer and scholar who flew south and fell in love with the Bay area and all it has to offer, especially tribal fusion belly dance (and Ethan, whom she recently married)! Danielle completed a certificate in African Heritage Performance and is currently studying dance movement therapy. Her dance collaborations in San Francisco include original choreography and performance with The Foxglove Sweethearts, Les éléments, and TwoWinks. www.danielledances.com
Ethan Plaut aka Loud Zoo will be our guest MC for the evening. Hailing from Chicago, where he produced two albums, Discontinudity and Goosechase. He has been composing and performing around the Bay area for five years. Ethan and Danielle have been working together on music, spoken word and dance for three years. Tonight they will debut both solo and collaborative pieces!


A classically-trained actress, Larissa Archer studies and performs with Fat Chance Belly Dance as well as her mother, Masha Archer, founder of the San francisco Classic Dance Troupe. She performs a mix of American Tribal style, earlier belly dance forms, ballet, and modern dance.


Tatyana fell in love with dance “at gun point” at the age of 5 in the Soviet Union, where she was introduced to Ballet and Ballroom via the infamous Russian instruction methods. She has since found other forms of dance to love, including fusion belly dance. Her influences come from wonderful teachers and mentors, the poetry of genuine human experience, and the music itself. She has had the pleasure of performing with The Lady Fred’s Black Heart Ballads, The Americano Social Club dancers, DJ Amar and Calamity Sam at Taverna Nights, Jill Parker’s Student Dancers, and Elizabeth Strong & Rose Harden’s Shtetl Shakers.