April 22: Dulce Vita, Elizabeth Zohar, Asharah, Azure, Angela

We are happy to welcome Asharah to Underground Nomads for her first performance with us, and Special Guest Elizabeth Zohar from Israel. We will also be featuring residents Azure and Angela, followed by co-founder+resident Dulce Vita taking the decks for your dancefloor. lizi2

Elizabeth fell in love with tribal fusion dance at the age of 22, and since has  traveled all over the world in search for the best teahcers she could find.  She has studied under world renowned teachers such as Ariellah , the Lady Fred, Jill Parker, Miriam Peretz and Eliran Amar. In addition Elizabeth studies other dance forms such as American Tribal Style Bellydance, Modern dance and Popping . She also studied sword Tai-Chi since the age of 14. Elizabeth has been performing in Israel, Europe and the United States, as well as producing her own tribal fusion shows and events in Israel. Her style is seen as a combination of Tribal fusion Bellydance, Dark fusion (a more dramatic, expressive style of tribal fusion created by Ariellah) and her own theatrical accents. www.Elizabethzohar.com


Asharah is internationally renowned for her strong technique, dramatic fusion of tribal and cabaret belly dance, tough but compassionate teaching style, and her dedication to raising professional and artistic standards in belly dance.  She has taught throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia; and her 2008 instructional DVD, Modern Tribal Bellydance with Asharah, is considered one of the best instructional belly dance DVDs on the market for belly dancers of all styles and levels. She is fiercely dedicated to educating dancers about the history and culture of the Middle East and the evolution and roots of belly dance, as well as fostering creativity and individuality in every dancer.  She is certified Level 3 in the Suhaila Salimpour Format, Level 1 in the Jamila Salimpour Format, and holds a B.A. from Princeton University in Near Eastern Studies.  After living on the East Coast for 12 years, she now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She performs regularly with with Beats Antique as a member of Zoe Jakes’ Bhoomi Project as as a guest with the legendary original tribal belly dance troupe,Bal Anat.  Read her blog on dance, art, integrity, and business at http://www.bdpaladin.com, and learn more about her upcoming events at www.asharah.com.


Underground Nomads Resident dancers AZURE and ANGELA, Resident DJ DULCE VITA

9pm-1am 1192 Folsom, SF Performances at 10pm. $5


April 15: DJ Mundi | Olu, Bramani, Jennifer Faust, Sadira, Millie Maddox

This week, we have Special Guest OLU from Los Angeles, CA, joining residents Bramani, Millie Maddox, Jennifer Faust and Sadira. Taking the decks this week is new resident DJ Mundi.


Olu is a diverse performer who works in venues ranging from private parties, corporate events, night club promotions and dance theater.  She’s had the pleasure of performing for a dynamic array of audiences and has collaborated with several well noted artists along the way. With a style all her own…….personality along with a solid background in American Cabaret and Tribal Fusion are infused with the never ending inspirations from day to day life. As an improvisational dancer, Olu goes where the music, theme and vibe take her.
Olu is known for her musicality, earthy presence and skill in using props such as zills, veil and sword.  She is also known for her technique, snake-like undulations, passion and grounded nature. This eclectic balance of mediums allow Olu the ability to perform for a wide range of audiences.
Olu can be seen in public performances in and around th LA area as a Soloist and also as a member of Lumina Bellydace Company and Elysium Dance Theatre.  www.olubellydance.net
Resident Performer info. will be added to the site this summer on our new DANCER page, which is in progress. 
DJ MUNDI is an unusual kind of DJ. In latin, mundi means ‘of the world’ and indeed his soundcloud page features an extremely wide range of music including Zimbabwean mbira, Afro-house, Colombian cumbia, Indian/UK bhangra, Egyptian shaabi, Reggae Dancehall from around the world and more.. Based in Oakland California, his eclectic mixes and live sets have gained respect from far and wide and have recently been featured in multiple online magazines and blogs such as Afropop Worldwide, Generation Bass and Global Ghetto.

Listen to his recent Egyptian Electro Sha3bi Mix on Generation Bass.

He credits the public library across the street from where he grew up as his greatest musical influence because it was there, at a young age that Mundi began listening to, reading about and collecting music from across the globe. Currently he’s working on things as varied as “a mix of new African music from all around the continent, South African house, Angolan kuduro, Ghanian azonto, Ivorian coupe decal” and a “General Levy dancehall-rock remix with arabic strings” among them. Follow him on soundcloud and facebook to keep up with the latest.


Join us Every Tuesday for global beats and dance performances with rotating resident and special guest DJs, dancers and musicians.
Tuesdays 9pm-1am
Dance Performances at 10pm
f8 – 1192 Folsom St., SF
$5 cover ($5-10 sliding scale on Special Nights).
Free before 9:30, if you ask.
Drink Specials each week.

April 8: DJ Amar + FatChanceBellyDance, Wendy Martlatt, Calamity Sam

2 Tuesdays is resident night with FatChanceBellyDance and DJ Amar, Wendy Martlatt and Calamity Sam.


Join us at 9pm while we warm up the night with music and drink specials. Dance performances at 10pm, Dancefloor following till 1am. $5 cover. Free before 9:30 if you ask.

Underground Nomads is a new weekly event highlighting Global sounds with rotating resident and guest DJs and dance performances by some of the bay area’s most eclectic talent. We occasionally feature live music acts and Special Events. Check our calendar for upcoming lineups.

Tuesdays at F8 – 1192 Folsom St., San Francisco.
9pm-1am. Dance performances at 10pm.
$5 cover. Free before 9:30 if you ask.
Your support is appreciated.
Drink Specials.


April 1: DJ Feral | May Yang, Laila Astar, Urban Mirage

No Foolin, we are kicking off April on the first of the month with DJ Feral (Hookahdome) spinning a Cheb i Sabbah – Inspired Global DJ set on First Tuesday Cheb i Sabbah Tribute night, following dance performances by May Yang, Laila Astar and Urban Mirage.

We start at 9pm. Performances at 10pm. Dancefloor 10:30pm-1am with DJ Feral.


DJ Feral spins grooves that balance an urban edge with Eastern spirituality, bass beats and swirling rhythms. His mixes transform the dance-floor using organic elements of voice, percussion, Asian and Middle Eastern instruments combined with bhangra, electronic beats, breaks, and ethno-dubstep. Feral has appeared with other great DJ talents such as Cheb i Sabbah, Jef Stott, Gaudi, Karsh Kale, Radiohiro, Janaka Selekta, Global Ruckus, Dragonfly, Joro Boro, Om At Last, MC Yogi, and at major events including Wisdom 2.0, Sea of Dreams New Year’s Eve, Burning Man (Hookahdome, Entheon Village, Church of WOW and more), Harmony Festival, and Costa Rica’s Montezuma Gathering. San Francisco appearances include Hookahdome, Masquerotica Ball, Ghost Ship 2,3 & 4, Axis Mundi, Anon Salon, Burning Man’s Decompression, Precompression & Burnal Equinox, Superhero Street Fair, Love Parade, Shockra, and more. DJ Feral can be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/djferal and at http://www.djferal.com.


Urban Mirage is directed by Andrea Aranda. They perform modern Egyptian dance with color and flair. Based in San Francisco, they are currently preparing for and producing a theater show at Dance Mission Theater onJuly 18th featuring other local dancers and the illustrious Ginger Snap. Check out andreabellydance.com for information on classes and performances.


May Yang  is a Tribal Fusion belly dancer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, May began her delightful journey at age 10. She started her training with traditional Korean dance and starred in many performances. May’s passion for dance has inspired her study of other forms of world dance – eventually focusing on belly dancing. Traveling around the world to find a way to express herself, May found San Francisco. She then fell in love with Tribal belly dancing and began pursuing her dream.

May has been developing her own style by working with great tribal dancers. Recently, she joined the world famous Zoe Jake’s “House of Tarot.” She thinks that her new path as a Tribal belly dancer makes her strong yet humble. Her dreams have brought her a long way, but she knows there is much more to learn and love.


Laila Astar was introduced to belly dancing in 2000 as one of the youngest founding members of the ATS belly dance troupe Banat Casablanca based in Macomb, IL.  She moved to Chicago, IL in 2007 where she began a successful solo career in both performance and teaching. She taught belly dance classes for four years at the University of Illinois Chicago Student Recreation Center where she lead a student troupe that performed four consecutive semesters for a breast cancer fundraiser in Champaign-Urbana, IL.  She enjoyed a short time in Monterey, CA in 2011 where she danced at a local hookah lounge/restaurant for a weekly performance with a live drummer.  She then moved to Atlanta, GA in 2012, where she was a regular performer at 7 different establishments. She is a newcomer to the Bay Area having moved to San Francisco in August 2013.  She has taken classes with world renowned teachers coast-to-coast, including Suhaila Salimpour and Morocco, and she has competed in various competitions including Wiggles of the West 2007,BDUC 2008, and the Chicago Oriental Dance Weekend 2010.  Her style could be described as eclectic with a generous mix of folkloric, tribal, fusion, and cabaret; she is well versed in many styles and loves them all equally.  She is currently pursuing a masters degree in Philosophy at San Francisco State University.


NOTE: Jessica Hendrick had to cancel due to illness. We will reschedule her for a future Underground Nomads show.

March 25: Dulce Vita, Marci Ann, Bramani, Millie Maddox, Jadeera, Fayzah

We have another extended dance performance lineup this week with Fayzah from New York joining us. Also residents and Special Guests Marci Ann, Bramani, Millie Maddox and Jadeera. Following performances, Dulce Vita takes the decks for some late night global beats.


Fayzah Fire is a multidisciplinary performer based in New York City. Classically trained from a young age growing up, she continued exploring different dance styles, mainly based on the music that moved her. Her own ‘World + Street Styles Dance Method™’, blends elements of  World Dance styles, Popping, Waving, Hip Hop, & Groove theory.
She is an accomplished Tribal-Fusion dancer, Fire performer, Argentine Tango dancer, innovator of Tango-Bellydance Fusion, & DJ. She holds a teaching certificate in Middle Eastern Dance Arts, & co created Puerto Rico’s first Tango community before her move to NYC. Fayzah is a part of the NYC Street Styles dance scene and has co taught & performed with various legends & pioneers in this genre, in theater shows, & at famous NYC Hip Hop events, such as Guardians of Dance, 92St Y, & Behind the Groove. She has danced with Neville Dance Theater in NYC since 2006, and been cast in various roles in company repertoire, as well as contributing her own solo works to Off Broadway productions.
She is greatly influenced by nature, especially by creatures who live in the ocean, (both real and fantasy).
Fayzah has taught master classes & performed in various countries in Asia, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean,
as well as across the US. NYC teaching credits include Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey’s, & Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre. She is the co founder of Triple Treat Dance workshops, which combines healing arts & dance, & has led trance dance retreats in the rain forest. Her choreographic works are featured on several performance DVD’s, and she has two instructional DVD’s out, “Fluid Tribal” & “Android Goddess”. Fayzah’s web site: DanceSpiral.com


Marci Ann discovered bellydance in 2001, on a whim, when she and her sister picked summer classes at the Discovery Learning Annex in Chicago. Her left brain linguistics sister pick Japanese 101, while Marci thought Beginner Cabaret Bellydance would be a lot more fun. Immediately falling in love with the dance she sought out Jasmin Jahal School of Dance. In 2006 Marci’s dance life changed forever when she discovered Rachel Brice on a performance dvd. She gravitated to the snaky salutary movements and the ethnic aesthetic of Tribal Fusion Bellydance. Not having access to Tribal Fusion in Chicago she taught herself thru educational dvd from Rachel brice, Fat Chance BellyDance, Zoe Jakes, Kami Little and others, often traveling to take workshops from these artist. At this time she performed in the Chicagoland area developing her technique and personal dance aesthetic. Marci Ann started studying Javanese dance with Danielle Meijer and became interested in fusing the two dance forums. She won First Place and Audience Choice in the 2008 Midwest Bellydance Challenge, for a Javanese Fusion piece. She began teaching Tribal Fusion at Arabesque Chicago and also creating two dance troupes, Akasha a yoga bellydance fusion group sponsored by Yoga Now Chicago, and Turkish Drop with Danielle Meijer and Christina Cornier. In 2010 Marci Annmoved to San Francisco to continue her dance education. She immersed herself in the dance culture and aesthetic of west coast. Always enjoying the creative process of making her own costumes Marcibegan freelancing for Medina Maitreya Designs and has made costume numerous dancer including Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique. She is currently producing a line of headdress under her brand Turkish Drop. Marci Ann is excited about exploring the possibility of Indonesian dance and the prospects The Bhoomi Project.

Jadeera sexy green

Jadeera Rose is a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional sacred dance artist. She is a professional performer who experiences dance and performance as an opportunity to connect with and share with others the beauty and wisdom of ancient arts and cultures as well as the spirit of the present moment. Jadeera has performed with many dance companies, live bands, and as a solo artist at a variety of venues including: theatres, clubs, festivals, restaurants, private parties, schools and senior centers. She has traveled internationally as a dancer and has performed dance for H.H. the Dalai Lama in Dharamasala, India. She dances in the “Mandala of Tara” a sacred dance prayer based on the qualities of the divine feminine. Jadeera is a teacher of the “Tara Dance” and other forms of movement as she is also a certified teacher of yoga and qigong. She spent the past summer on Maui teaching Brazilian Dance, Belly Dance, Kids Dance, Yoga and Tara dance.

As a Belly Dancer, Jadeera Rose offers “Sacred Spirit Belly Dance” which is her own unique style that has blossomed from the center of her being. When she dances, she intends to be a channel of Qi and invokes the spirit of the ancestral belly dancer to bring joy, light and healing to the space, the audience and herself.


+ UN Resident Dance Performance Artists MILLIE MADDOX and BRAMANI.



And the BIRTHDAY GIRL + DJ for the night … DULCE VITA


March 18: DJ Santero, Amberetta, Larissa Archer, Azure

Please welcome DJ Santero to Underground Nomads. We’ve been waiting to get him behind turntables at f8 and it’s happening this week. One of SF’s most versatile musical treasures fits right in to the Underground Nomads vibe.

You will also enjoy dance performances by resident dancers AmberettaLarissa Archer and Azure.

DJ Santero

Amberetta – Underground Nomads resident

Larissa Archer – Underground Nomads resident

Azure Bellydance – Underground Nomads residents


Santero comes from a long family tradition of Latin musicians and Sonidero sound system deejays. He was raised in the mountains, jungles and Atlantic coasts of Central America where he travelled extensively from Guatemala to Panama performing with his father’s Salsa & Cumbia bands. He came to the United States at a young age as a refugee escaping the political upheaval that was tearing Central America apart in the late 70’s and 80’s.

Once in the US, Santero immediately started the musical street hustle that would later define his style and sound. From the ghettos of New York and New Orleans to the barrios of San Francisco and Los Angeles, Santero refined his sonic palette and delivery by performing relentlessly in nightclubs, warehouses and on street corners. Drawing from such diverse musical influences as Reggae, Jazz, Punk, Funk and Hip-Hop, Santero incorporated his traditional Latin upbringing with these western music styles and developed his own brand of international fusion beats.

Eventually his constant touring and performing led him back to his roots in Latin America. After an extended stint of travelling and performing in Central America and the Caribbean, he found himself in Habana, Cuba. This would be a crucial turning point in his musical trajectory. While in Cuba, Santero was initiated as a priest in the Yoruba/Santeria religion. He was crowned as an avatar to the African deity Obatala, spirit of peace and light. From that point onwards, Santero dedicated his musical energy towards exposing a new generation of Latinos and Latin music lovers to the spiritual essence of the Pan-African Diaspora through club friendly rhythms and rhymes.

Santero now resides in Oakland, CA where he hosts a hugely successful weekly global music showcase called The Jet Set. He splits his time working as a recording artist, producer, deejay and radio host. In 2005 he was named Best New Artist by Batanga magazine for his first album and made Remezcla’s 2008 Top Ten list.

Santero’s sophomore release El Hijo de Obatala has garnered critical acclaim, having been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered & Latino USA. Santero’s sophomore effort made several critics’ top 10 lists for best album of 2009 in the Village Voice, SF Weekly & other publications. Santero was nominated for a 2009 SF Weekly Music Award and was featured on many prominent music blogs. He is constantly touring and performing and exploring ways to fulfill his musical destiny.

El Hijo de Obatala (2009 City Hall Records/Round Whirled Records) is Santero’s second album, a fresh release that brings together the bump of urban beats with elements of traditional salsa such as banging Latin percussion and horn sections. Santero is joined by veteran multi-Grammy nominated Producer Greg Landau (Patato Valdes, Susana Baca, Maldita Vecindad, Quetzal) and legendary beat maker One Drop Scott (E-40, Scarface, Mac Dre, Luniz) to create a unique Urban Latin sound that goes beyond the frontiers of Reggaeton and Hip-Hop to fuse the old and new school in a unique way that spark spontaneous combustion on the dance floor.

The third album by Santero, entitled Afrika (2013 Baylando Records), is an exploration of the impact African rhythms have had on the music of Latin America. Funky Afro-Beat drums, poly-rhythmic Couper Decaler dance beats & Angolan Kuduro styles blend with Latin percussion & call and response vocals. Santero reaches deep into his Latin roots & African diaspora sensibilities to bring together the best of two musical worlds in this utterly danceable & celebratory release.

SANTERO albums “El Hijo de Obatala” & “Arawaks & Maroons” in stores now in the US & Canada through City Hall Records. Also available in Japan through Music Camp Records and digitally worldwide on Round Whirled Music (iTunes, Amazon, Verizon, etc.)

March 11: DJ Amar, FatChanceBellyDance, Wendy Martlatt, Jodi Waseca

2nd Tuesdays with DJ Amar + FatChanceBellyDance and Wendy Martlatt, joined this week by Jodi Waseca.

Join us for another awesome night of belly dance and dancefloor vibes with an extended set by DJ Amar.UN-March11-Collage

Doors at 9pm, performances at 10pm, Dancefloor following performances with DJ Amar until 1am.
$5 (free before 9:30 if you ask). Tuesday March 11. F8 – 1192 Folsom St. SF.BeigeDividerLine

Note: this week we also have a Special Friday Night show. Tribal Roots Revival on March 14th with a massive lineup of SF’s original Tribal and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Troupes, with late night dancefloor music by a mix of the bay area’s best global bass masters.TribalRootsPoster
2 rooms of Live Music and Dancefloor DJ sets with:

HELM (Live opening set) . SIDECAR TOMMY . DJ AMAR

Performances by:

Carolena Nericcio & FATCHANCEBELLYDANCE . UNMATA with Calamity Sam

An All Group old-school tribal spectacular…

This is both a night of performances in an intimiate venue with a selection of San Francisco’s Pioneers in the Global Belly Dance community AND a night on the dancefloor. 2 rooms with different music and performances.

Tickets will be available on Tuesday night, or online at: tribalrootsrevival.eventbrite.com

Tuesdays at F8 (1192 Folsom)