June 24th | Joro Boro, Dulce Vita, Jill Parker/Danielle Lottridge Performance Student Showcase


22 Dancers, 2 Superstar DJs … We are excited to host Jill Parker & Danielle Lottridge with students in their Performance Workshop series this week at Underground Nomads. We will also be hosting the Amazing Joro Boro for a night of smashing balkan and global dancefloor beats. Resident and co-founder Dulce Vita will be opening the night with some sultry downtempo beats to kick off summertime in the city, followed by an extended lineup of dance performances featuring special guests and Underground Nomads resident dancers who are all part of this amazing workshop series. After the performances, Joro Boro takes the decks to rock you late into the night on the dancefloor. We kick it off at 9pm, with performances at 10 and dancefloor following the performances. Check out the new Cocktail menu at F8, with some special drinks made for Underground Nomads. Tuesday nights 9pm-1am . $5 . Free before 9:30 if you ask . 21+ . F8 – 1192 Folsom St., SF.

Joro Boro

Joro-Boro is a crypto crunk charlatan born in Bulgaria. He plays and promotes etnoteck, glitch-folk and post-national bass – the dirty local side of globalization force-fed back into a party without borders detonating the conglomerated mono-culture. Joro-Boro established himself at the Bulgarian Bar (Mehanata) in New York City where he was the resident DJ alongside Eugene Hutz (Gogol Bordello) for seven years. He has toured with Balkan Beat Box, and has performed with artists ranging from Bassnectar to Tinariwen.

Dulce Vita

Undergound Nomads resident DJ, Dulce Vita, will be opening the night.

Danielle Lottridge & Jill Parker

Jill Parker teaches weekly classes at ODC & Spring Fall (Berkeley). The founder of modern fusion belly dance, her debut instructional DVD, Jill’s Drills, is now available. Danielle Lottridge, Ph.D., a scholar and a dancer, teaches at ODC and for SF Rec and Parks. In addition to performing a choreography by Jill and Danielle, a small group of their students will also be performing their own solos and duets.

Millie Maddox
Tribal Fest 2014
Yvonne & Marci Ann
Jolie Roberson
Karen & Melissa
Karen & Melissa

June 17: Santero | Aubre Hill, Amberetta, Lori Tawasha

This week’s dancefloor journey will be led by one of SF’s favorite mix-master of global vibes who is also now a resident DJ at Underground Nomads – Santero !


We are extra-excited to host Special Guest Aubre Hill from Los Angeles for her first performance at Underround Nomads. Residents Amberetta and Lori Tawasha (Salimpour School) will be joining us this week as well.

We kick it off at 9pm, with performances at 10 and dancefloor following the performances.
Check out the new Cocktail menu at F8, with some special drinks made for Underground Nomads.
Tuesday nights 9pm-1am . $5 . Free before 9:30 if you ask . 21+ . F8 – 1192 Folsom St., SF.


International dance artist, choreographer, and artistic director of the Qabila Folkdance Co & the Lumina Dance Co, Aubre Hill is known for her diverse and creative ingenuity. Her technical finesse and emotive soul bring together the elements to move and inspire audiences around the world. From Los Angeles, she is thrilled to be joining the Underground Nomads for a gypsy fusion piece with music by Plotz!~ Aubre Hill!www.aubrehill.com

June 10: Amar | FatChanceBellyDance, Wendy Marlatt, Ayre Briar

Summertime is here, and we just hit the 1 year mark for Underground Nomads this past week. Thank you to all of you who have come out to support us over the past few months and helped us grow into SF’s newest sustaining world music and dance performance venue.

This week, DJ Amar is back on the decks for his 2nd Tuesday residency with FatChanceBellyDance and Wendy Marlatt. Also joining us will be special guest from Sacramento, Ayre Briar.


We plan to keep growing and bringing you more diverse sounds and performances. We want to welcome our newest resident DJs to the mix: Santero and Suresh.  With a few exceptions, Suresh will play First Tuesdays, Amar will continue to play second Tuesdays, Santero will play 3rd Tuesdays and Dulce Vita will continue 4th Tuesdays. Additional residents, including co-founder DJ Sep, will continue to join us here and there as well, as their schedules allow. We will also continue to bring in special guest DJs. Later this month, we are excited to have Joro Boro joining us (on June 24th). Look out for Luis Medina (KPFA) and Matt Haze to be joining us in upcoming months as well.

Every Tuesday at F8 – 1192 Folsom, SF
9pm-1am or so . 21+ . $5 (Free before 9:30 if you ask)
Dance Performances at 10pm. Dancefloor DJ set after.

June 3: DJ Suresh, Lisa Hyde, Sadira, Laila Astar

Underground Nomads is 1 year young this week!

Well. it creeped up on us without notice. We kicked off Underground Nomads with Cheb i Sabbah‘s Outernational mix on Tuesday June 4th at Bissap Baobab Village. 364 days / 52 weeks later, we are still going strong at F8 – 1192 Folsom.

The intention of Underground Nomads was 3-fold: To resurrect the “Outernational” vibe that Cheb i Sabbah had created with his legendary Tuesdays at Nickies BBQ in the Lower Haight (his weekly that ran 17+ years); To bring him back out playing for his fans for as long as he would be able to (following the Nickies Flashback event, we realized that his “happy place” was playing for his fans – which he continued to do until his last days here); and to preserve the integrity of truly eclectic world music and dance performance art – a torch that the next generation of DJs, dancers and musicians who were inspired by his music would carry in his honor.


Tuesday nights continue at F8 with a growing roster of resident DJs and dancers. This week, we feature a dancefloor DJ set by DJ Suresh with performances by resident dancers Laila Astar and Sadira, plus special guest Lisa Hyde.


Join us on any Tuesday (see calendar page for weekly lineups) at f8, 1192 Folsom St, SF. We begin at 9pm with music to set the tone for the night, dance performances at 10pm, and dancefloor DJ sets following. F8 has a great bar, awesome sound system and nice wood dancefloor. Note that this is a 21+ club. Cover is $5 at the door. Free before 9:30 if you ask.


May 27: Dulce Vita | Angela, Anna, Calamity Sam, Millie Maddox

Closing out the month of May with a bang! Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple + Underground Nomads c0-founder & resident) takes the decks on 4th Tuesday for a Global Bass smashup.

Weekly dance performances with Resident and Guest dancers – Different lineup each week.

This week, we feature Angela from the Foxglove Sweethearts, Anna from Suhaila’s Salimpour School, Bay Area Hot Pot I.T.S. instructor Calamity Sam and The Belly Dancing Baker – Millie Maddox.


We start at 9pm (though you can come earlier for Happy Hour if you wish). Performances at 10pm. Dancefloor DJ set following performances.

Tuesdays at F8 – 1192 Folsom St., SF
21+ . $5 . Free before 9:30 if you ask.

May 20: Makyo, Santero, Devi Mamak + Deb Rubin, Evil Eye, Larissa Archer

Tribal Fest Decompression at Underground Nomads this week … Catch Devi Mamak one more time before she heads back to Australia, and Makyo from Jinniyah playing a DJ set before he heads back to Japan.

Resident DJ Santero will kick off the night at 9pm with some global vibes. Performances at 10pm with Larissa Archer, Evil Eye Bellydance (Salimpour School) and Devi Mamak with Deb Rubin. The rest of the night will be yours on the dancefloor with Special Guest Makyo.


Makyo spins almost every weekend somewhere in Tokyo or other parts of Japan — he has a particularly strong following amongst Tokyo’s booming bellydance scene for his dancefloor mixes of tribal dub and eastern grooves. Residencies include Dakini Nights (ambient), Orient Express (ethno), and Tribal Fusion Night (tribal!)

As a dj, Makyo has spun alongside, Steve Hillage/Mirror System, Mixmaster Morris, Karsh Kale, Alex Patterson (The Orb), Haruomi Hosono (YMO), Adham Shaikh, Dj Yakuza, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Cheb-i-Sabbah and more.


Devi Mamak, member & artistic director of Ghawazi Caravan is one of Australia’s premier ATS® dancers, teachers and choreographers. Devi has studied a variety of different dance styles including Classical & folkloric Egyptian, Odissi, flamenco & ballet but has largely turned her focus to ATS® since the late nineties.

Devi began her training with Carolena Nericcio in 1999 and was the first in the southern hemisphere to become a FCBD® Sister Studio. Devi is renowned throughout Australia, NZ, Asia and Europe for her creative, thorough and approachable teaching style as well as her beautiful and commanding stage presence.

Devi has co-taught Carolena Nericcio’s General Skills certification program on several occasions with many of her own steps being accepted into the ATS® syllabus. Some were featured on Volume 9, Anatomy of a Step. Devi and Ghawazi Caravan have also featured in several Australian DVDs in collaboration with Jrisi Jusakos and The Hathor Dance Theatre as well as producing their own DVD, Devi’s Inspired Combinations.

May 13: Lady Ra, Rashani, FCBD, Christine Garvin, DJ Amar

This week and next week at Underground Nomads surround the biggest little Tribal Belly Dance festival in the world – Tribal Fest, Kicking off a week of workshops, shows and after-parties up in Sebastopol.

Underground Nomads is happy to host some of the featured acts at Tribal Fest right here in SF. 2nd Tuesdays is our usual resident night with DJ Amar, FatChanceBellyDance and Wendy Marlatt, but this week, we are bringing in Lady Ra from Beats without Borders in Vancouver, BC, joining Amar on the decks. FatChanceBellyDance will have special guests from out of town joining their performance. Wendy Marlatt will be joined by her dance partner as Rashani. Former Dholrhythms bhangra dancer Christine Garvin is coming back from Asheville, North Carolina with her new dance troupe Les Femmes Mystique for the Tribal Fest AfterParty this weekend in Sebastopol. Tonight, Christine will perform solo.

NOTE: Due to flight delays, Lady Ra will be arriving late. She plans to come straight over and rock a late night set if she can get here in time. In the event the flight is delayed further, Amar will play the full night. Lady Ra will be at Afrolicious on Thursday in SF and at the Tribal Fest AfterParty in Sebastopol on Friday.

lady ra
Lady Ra (Beats without Borders, Vancouver, BC)


Rashani (Wendy Marlatt & Leigh Anne Shaw)

9PM – 1AM
Performances at 10PM
Dancefloor till 1AM
F8 – 1192 Folsom St., SF
$5 – 21+

Tuesdays at F8 (1192 Folsom)