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We hope you are enjoying our new site as we are building it. we hope more that you will join us at our new venue, F8 at 1192 Folsom in SF.

You should notice in the right column (or  way down below if you are viewing the mobile site), that in addition to facebook and Twitter widgets, we have added our soundcloud mixes for your listening pleasure.

We are working on an Underground Nomads Soundcloud page (or we may use mixcloud) to upload some of our live sets on occasion.

One exciting new thing at F8 is their video feed. We know that many of our supporters are from across the world, so we can now share our nights with you by recording our sets and bringing you to us through the internet. We may even run an occasional live feed. Of course, we hope to see you when you come to visit SF.

New Venue starting July 30th – Moving to F8

Dear supporters, Please note that we are moving to a new venue at the end of the month.

We  are excited to be moving to F8 at 1192 Folsom St. (@ 8th) in the SOMA area of San Francisco. The new venue has an awesome sound system, nice and still intimate dancefloor, great bar with some excellent drink specials, and an overall nice friendly vibe.

Kicking off our residency at F8, we will have more nights with Cheb i Sabbah – August is Cheb i Sabbah Month !

Moving forward, we are planning on having 2 DJs (or one DJ and one live act) each week. We will still have the dance performances. We are not taking anything away, just adding more. We plan to bring in occasional special guest DJs and music acts. We will also be starting a little earlier, so you can enjoy some Happy Hour drinking and snacking while we get the night rolling.

We have loved doing nights at Bissap Baobab, and will continue to do occasional events there, but this move opens up some amazing new possibilities us as well as for them. Please join us at F8 on any Tuesday on or after July 30th.

The resident DJs are on somewhat of a regular monthly rotation. Due to our tour schedules, we may be occasionally swapping weeks. For example, Amar and Dulce are switching nights for August, so Dulce can rock it out at Burning Man. Cheb i Sabbah will be traveling in October to work on his upcoming new album, so we will be filling in for his nights. You can always check the website for the most up to date schedule if you wish to see a particular one of us on a night. We plan to post our schedules at least a month out, and will post any changes as soon as we are able to.

Below is our schedule for our July 30 Launch and for the month of August. We will post all of the details once we confirm the lineups. Please check back in after the weekend or subscribe for updates. You can also find our updates on the facebook page. Help us spread the word by sharing this post on facebook and twitter and following us there. We thank you for your continued support.

JULY 30: Opening Night with Special Guest JEF STOTT

*- August is CHEB i SABBAH month -*



AUG 20: DJ SEP + more TBA

AUG 27: DJ AMAR + more TBA


Full lineups for each week will be announced soon.
September schedule will be announced at the beginning of August.

Here are a few pics of the new venue.

The dancefloor: separated from the bar, nice wood floors, clean but not too fancy.

Our view of You from the DJ booth – nice and close 🙂

Some couches for you to lounge in, relax and have a drink, hang out with friends.

Our flyer designed by Jimmy Love, edits by Calamity Sam


July 9th: DJ Amar is back with dancers Kae Montgomery and Tatyana

DJ Amar is back to excite the Underground Nomads dance floor! He is thrilled to share the night with Kae Montgomery, and Tatyana.

DON’T FORGET- we are starting earlier now! Enjoy chill downtempo global vibes for the first hour from 9pm. Come early, enjoy dinner at Bissap Baobab, and stay for the show. Dance performances will kick off shortly after 10pm.

Dinner guest stay for free. $5 cover starting at 9:30pm. 2-for-1 cover, if you ask, until 11pm.


Kae Montgomery


Kae Montgomery is a professional Tribal Style bellydancer who teaches and performs around the globe. She is a proud member of a world famous bellydance troupe, FatChanceBellyDance®, and a brand new dance company, GoldStar, directed by the BellyDanceSuperStars, Kami Liddle. Please visit for more information!



Tatyana fell in love with dance at the age of 5 in the Soviet Union, where she was introduced to Ballet and Ballroom. She has since found Jazz, Modern, and folk dancing, and of course, fusion belly dance. The fusion part includes all of the above at times. Her influences come from wonderful teachers and mentors, the poetry of genuine human experience, and the music itself.


EVERY WEEK we’ll be bringing you a great mix of dance performances to kick off the nights, followed by DJ sets and improv performances. We have some amazing performers lined up for the next couple of months. Please join us and help us to spread the word for our new weekly with rotating DJs. You can use the social media links below to share the news to your friends. We appreciate your support, and hope to see you on the dancefloor.

July 2: Cheb i Sabbah

Join us tonight to kick off our Second Month of Underground Nomads with Cheb i Sabbah. We are starting earlier now. Enjoy chill downtempo global vibes for the first hour from 9pm. You can even come early and have dinner at the venue and stay for the show. Dance performances will kick off shortly after 10pm. We will soon be starting even earlier, but for now, plan on 10pm for the performances to kick off.

Dinner guest stay for free. $5 cover starting at 9:30pm. 2-for-1 cover, if you ask, until 11pm.

We are so pleased DJ Cheb i Sabbah is back on the decks and this Tuesday we are joined by the fabulous dancers below:

One of the few singing snake dancers in the SF Bay Area, Surreyya is a highly sought after performer.  She sings in English and Turkish, and dances regularly solo as well as with the bands MastykaHazerfan and Tellus818.  Surreyya’s performance is full of excitement, and is inspired by Egyptian, Turkish and American Tribal flavors of dance.  A passionate and creative performer, she also incorporates props (sword, cane, snakes, veil, finger cymballs) into her repertoire.  She also thrives on audience participation, often giving impromptu lessons and adding a comedic twist to her performance.

Pat Reynolds from Rhythms of Punjab

What is Bhangra?– one of the happiest and most exuberant forms of movements that originated in the Punjab region of North India. Traditionally performed at harvest season in the villages of Punjab, Bhangra is now known as a folk dance that is done all over India during family celebrations and festive occasions. If you have ever gone to an Indian wedding and witnessed people bouncing joyfully in circles, shrugging their shoulders, and laughing endlessly, you have experienced Bhangra. In Bollywood movies, its often shared during scenes reflecting such colorful family celebrations.

Continue reading July 2: Cheb i Sabbah

June 25th: Dulce Vita

We are so happy to have Dulce Vita as part of our crew, bringing her eclectic spirit to the dancefloor. She will fill you with a world of bass, your feet and soul will be happy with this dance-floor driving gem of a DJ. You may have seen her on the big stages of some of the most massive music festivals. Here is your opportunity to be up close and personal on the dancefloor just a few feet away. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Please welcome DULCE VITA for her debut set with the Underground Nomads.

June 25th Dancers

Joining us for this Tuesday night’s performance is a great collection dancers.  On the decks is the fabulous Miss DJ Dulce Vita.  Dulce is part of Opulent Temple as well as being a very well rounded, well respected female DJ.  We are so pleased that we will be joined by Sam, Shanti and Parya for this night for the bellydance performances.

Calamity Sam

Most known for her musicality and ability to connect with the audience, Calamity Sam is not afraid to ham it up and show her sense of humor on stage. She has been a featured performer and instructor in France, Holland, Spain, England, and across the U.S. Sam is based in Oakland, CA where she teaches Unmata/Hot Pot I.T.S.,co-produces Taverna Nights with Tatyana Balte, and the Tribal Fest Afterparty with DJ Amar.  You’ll find her regularly in Los Angeles performing at Zulu Lounge, and producing an Improv night in L.A. called Eclectic Ensemble with DJ Amar.

Shanti Jourdan

Shanti performs and teaches Tribal Fusion belly dance, specializing in American Tribal Style. Her dancing is unique in the level of grace, musicality and nuance found in her movements. The joy she feels for this art form is immediately felt by her audiences and students alike.Having studied western dance and yoga for many years before belly dancing, Shanti understands the body’s movement from the inside out. Her teaching style is warm and encouraging with a focus on technique and clarity of movement.

Parya Saberi

“Starting with Persian dance lessons at age 7 in her home country of Iran, Parya Saberi began her love affair with dance. For over 10 years, she trained in On2 New York Style Salsa and performed as part of Melaza Dance Company at numerous venues including the Los Angeles Salsa Congress. More recently, she is training her buns off with many of the best belly dance instructors of the Bay Area (and beyond), including Andrea Sendek (Suhaila Salimpour format), Zoe Jakes, Jill Parker, Rachel Brice, and Kami Liddle. She is currently a member of the Suhaila Salimpour Repertoire Ensemble.”

June 18th: Dance Performers

June 18th’s performances will feature one of the most beautiful and elegant belly dancers coming out of the SF Bay Area, Masha. To mix it up, we will also have a Flamenco performance by a very talented dancer, Kristelle. Coming out of Jill Parker’s core student base, Stephanie Fields will bring a very awesome flavor of belly dance. In addition, belly dancer Jen Faust will also be bringing her talents to the evening.  Together these dancers will give us wonderful performances and night to remember.


Photo by Scott Belding

Masha is a multi-award-winning dance artist specializing in Modern and Classic Egyptian belly dance styles. She is distinguished for her grace, refined musicality, and expansive dance training within and beyond the realms of Middle Eastern dance.

Masha offers weekly classes in Berkeley, CA. and can be seen performing regularly throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Visit ( spelled R A Q ) for more information.

Kristelle Monterrosa


Kristelle Monterrosa has been performing since age 6 at venues such as the Broad Stage, Nokia Live in Downtown LA and hundreds of other theaters world wide. She trained in Theater Arts at the National Arts Institute of Buenos Aires in Argentina & is an award winning choreographer, award winning producer and co-creator of Medea Tango ( and passionate flamenco dancer. Her vision for the world is one of creative expression at it’s most authentic form. She is honored to collaborate on this show. For more info on her performances or teaching contact her on twitter @krismonterrosa,

Stephanie Fields

Photo by: Christine Fu
Photo by: Christine Fu
Stephanie Fields is a sassy southern lady, a since-she-could walk dancer (age 3 formally), and a classically trained vocalist. Stephanie began studying tribal fusion belly dance with Gwyn of Bodhicitta BellyDance (Nashville) in 2006 & moved to San Francisco in 2010 for love (don’t worry, it worked out). She is an original and forever member of Bodhicitta, and currently performs as a solo dancer, with Jill Parker and The Foxglove Sweethearts, RockaBelly and with interactive art/dance group, Anticlockwise. Stephanie is the owner of music management & publicity company, Make It Bigger Mama + runs the southern cheese grits pop-up, Sugarfoot Grits.
She teaches weekly classes in San Francisco at ODC, the Presidio Y, Satori Yoga, and co-teaches with Jill Parker at Dance Mission.


Photos by: Sequoia Emmanuelle


Currently collaborating with Bay Area dancers and artists such as Freya and DJ Amar, Faust has performed at events such as Hip N’ Bass, Electric Vardo and Shadowdance among others. She is also a current member of Ariellah Aflalo’s Deshret Dance Company.  In addition to working as an oncology nurse, Faust is dancing, training, choreographing, and dreaming of new projects that will push the boundaries of dance and film and movement to places unexplored.


June 18: DJ Sep

DJ Sep photo by Abby Wilcox WEB

DJ Sep will be fusing her signature Dub Mission vibes with a global flair, offering a multi-cultural Bass Experience on the Bissap Baobab Village dancefloor. Sep was one of the founding members of Electric Vardo, and is no stranger to SF’s Tribal Belly Dance, Bhangra and Middle Eastern music scenes. In fact, She was among the first, along with Cheb i Sabbah, to break ground bringing Electronic World Music to the forefront of SF club culture.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the Dancefloor for Sep’s first night with the Underground Nomads.


Cheb i Sabbah – Honorary Nomad

Cheb i Sabbah

Inspiration, Co-founder, advisor and Honorary Underground Nomads Resident DJ.
Underground Nomads Tuesday nights are dedicated to Chebiji’s music. This page will be an ever-growing tribute to Cheb i Sabbah. We will be posting more info, links to videos and music, events, etc. for and in honor of Chebiji.

NOTE: We are working on a new page in Chebiji’s honor. Currently it is a copy of this page, with more information and links added. Over the next few weeks, additional details will be added to his permanent page.

We wish to thank our venue, F8 – 1192 Folsom, for all of the support with launching these nights, and continuing to be there for us while we re-gather and continue forward. Thank you to Rafael and crew at F8. Grattitude also goes to Marco Senghor and Bissap Baobab for all of the support with fundraisers and giving Chebiji and us a place to play. We had our first Underground Nomads shows at Bissap Baobab.

In addition to continued Tuesdays at Underground Nomads, which became his most recent home on the dancefloor, there are several music and dance event memorials planned to celebrate his life and music, including 1002 Nights on Nov. 21 at 1015 Folsom, A Morning Remembrance on Nov. 24 at Dolores Park (10:02am-3:33pm) and a belly dance event which will happen soon.



11/12/13 Tribute to Cheb i Sabbah. DJ Amar’s Dedication set (video begins with opening words by Gina Grandi and performance in Chebiji’s honor by FatChanceBellyDance – Note: camera does not show performances). DJ Amar’s set for Chebiji follows FCBD’s performance, joined by Shabi Farooq, as in the old days at Nickie’s.

Click HERE for Mo Corleone’s opening set.

Cheb i Sabbah and DJ Amar, Underground Nomads September, 2013.
(Cheb i Sabbah’s last DJ set at Underground Nomads).

Cheb i Sabbah’s 66th birthday party on August 6th, 2013. Dulce Vita and Cheb i Sabbah.

One Fantastic Ride of a Life: Dub Mission’s DJ Sep Remembers Cheb i Sabbah


SF Weekly: [After hearing the sad news that DJ Cheb i Sabbah passed away last week, we reached out to DJ Sep, producer/promoter and founder of Dub Mission, who was also a friend of Sabbah’s. She wrote back with this remembrance.]

On my computer is an 82-page “worksheet” document, an absurdly long to-do list. On page 11 is a reminder to send Cheb i this email:

So I discovered something interesting the other day…..”Cheb” means young. “Sabbah” means morning. “Cheb i Sabbah” means young of the morning. Sepideh [my full first name] means white, used to describe dawn, as in white of dawn….WE HAVE THE SAME NAME!  🙂

I never got the chance to send the email.

In the days, weeks, and months to come, many words will be written about Cheb i Sabbah and his remarkable contribution to world music. His massively influential, self-coined “outernational” style of mixing Asian, Arabic, and African music together in one set will be emphasized. His indelible mark as a pioneering promoter will be noted. Many will talk about his 1002 Nights, those uniquely memorable events that brought world-class musicians to the Bay Area, often for the first time. Many will mention his long-running Tuesday night dance party at Nickie’s. “He turned me on to so much music I’d never heard before.” We’ll continue to hear that over and over again. And it’s all true. His impact was global.

I always thought of him as a local DJ. It was a privilege to be able to think of him that way which made it even more fun.

By any standard Cheb i had one fantastic ride of a life. A Jewish Algerian kid moves to Paris as a teenager, discovers DJing, manages Don Cherry, delves deep into Hinduism, records an untold number of talented world musicians, releases seven cherished records…and that’s just his official biography.

“As both a DJ and a promoter, I have a massive amount of respect for Cheb i.” That was one my quotes from an article on him written by Billy Jam in 2011, a few months after he was diagnosed with Stage IV stomach cancer. It’s still true, but the memories that keep coming back now have to do with Cheb i the person, not DJ Cheb i Sabbah. The signature mix I keep remembering was the mixture of his opposing characteristics. Cheb i could be very gentle and generous, especially to the musicians he championed, or curt and withholding, refusing to tell a fan the name of the song he’d just played before shooing the guy out of the DJ booth.

It was his character, not just his music, that drew so many to him. It was rewarding, being in his company. I once spent more than four hours at his apartment, having one of the most memorable conversations I’ll ever have. I know my experience is not unique. And yet, he could be exasperating to work with, his insistence on doing things his way causing avoidable hassle and stress. My experience is definitely not unique there either.

His stubbornness could be funny too. Once when we were producing and DJing a show together, he was told by the owner of the venue that he wouldn’t be able to smoke during his set. Cheb i calmly informed the owner that it would be impossible for him to DJ without smoking, he’d never done it before. Needless to say his set that night was accompanied by his usual chain smoking, with one concession. Between puffs, he held his arm down instead of up.

Google “the measure of a man” and many variations come up. This one by Peter Nivio Zarlenga struck me: “The measure of a man is the way he bears up under misfortune.” Perhaps Cheb i’s greatest misfortune came at the end when he faced a painful fatal illness. And here I find his most important and, hopefully, lasting influence on me. He faced mortality with grace and quiet determination continuing, stubbornly, to do what he loved until the end, death and smoking regulations be damned.

— DJ Sep / Dub Mission (For the SF Weekly)

From Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy: Namaste (Shalom, Peace) Selam Cheb i Sabbah
It is the hour of the Roses (Seher)….the time each day, that hour before dawn when it is said that those refined souls–Saints, Prophets and Masters–walk among us, the sweetest time to make one’s ablutions and to prostrate to the Creator. .. that I hear the news that my brother and noble friend Chebi Sabbah passed from here to there. Not a time of grieving, but one of celebration of what we call the Wedding Day of the Servant to his Lord. I had the privilege to visit Chebi at his home in SF some 10 days ago, where I delivered my small contribution toward his new work, and we enjoyed Sohbet or intimate conversation, respect, and Love. Chebi was ready for whatever was to come, not living in fear, no desperation. Indeed ever living in the moment only, playing us his new works fully alive and what’s more, serving us the sweetest chai and making us laugh into the small hours. We pray for his ever refining journey in the Lap of Compassion with his Lord, for strength to those loved ones that remain here , and we pray for Chebi ‘s very own Chidren and grandchildren, who are arrows shot ahead of him in tradition of service of Love, Light and carry his candle Faith onwards. 

Allah Rahmet Eylesin Chebi, and see you one fine night.
Peter Murphy – Istanbul November 2013

Cheb i Sabbah with partner, Eloise Eyvette, who took care of him throughout his cancer battle.Chebi-Eloise

His partner during the last few years of his life, Eloise, who was by his side and took care of Cheb i Sabbah from beginning of his struggle with cancer to his last days here, shares this message on his behalf: Please take a moment to recite mantra for Chebiji’s liberation, for world peace, for true happiness for all sentient beings. “OM MANI PADME HUM” … It was my honor to care for him, to share life and love together. He is forever with me, he is my angel. OM MANI PADME HUM!

Eloise is His angel, and is a permanent member of the Underground Nomads family. Blessings go out to Eloise, to the rest of Chebiji’s family – including his close friends who he considered family just the same – and to his extended family of supporters who stood by his side from near and far.

Cheb i Sabbah with son Elijah aka Opium Sabbah and Elijah’s daughter.

From Cheb i Sabbah’s family:
When dusk falls this evening, and the stars begin to swirl, our father is spinning for all the great ones who passed before him and were awaiting his arrival –

cheb i sabbah by Shay Peretz

Cheb i Sabbah, musical adventurer, global spiritualist and producer extraordinaire has returned to the Indian subcontinent for Devotion, his seventh album on Six Degrees Records. Hundreds of artists in the world music genre, or for that matter any genre, have come and gone like bottle rockets, but Cheb i Sabbah’s light keeps burning and it is his bhakti (devotion) to the spiritual essence of music, and to truth and humanity, that is responsible for his longevity. Sabbah was nominated for the BBC’s 2006 Award for World Music in the Club Global category.

Tuesdays at F8 (1192 Folsom)