May 1 | Underground Nomads | Night of Live Music! | Liz Strong + Dan Cantrell and Students

Underground Nomads ~ Keeping the Global Vibe Alive *•♫*

A night of live music and dance with Liz Strong + Dan Cantrell

Featured dancers:
• Elizabeth Strong
• Laura Elisabeth Krumland
• Shanti Bardot
• Catherine Taylor
• Rachael Redfern
• Anji
• Mims Rafiq
• Anastasia Lattanand
• Jasmine June Cabanaw
• Letty Limbaugh
• Sarah Kate Moore
• Leia Gaten

The Keepers feature:
• Joey Friedman
• Calvin Lai
• Faisal Zedan
• Dan Cantrell

The Keepers will start playing at 8 PM. Dancers will begin at 8:30 PM.

$5-$10 at the door.
F8 – 1192 Folsom, SF. (Folsom & 8th St) 21+

For weekly lineup information visit our Calendar page at:


We truly appreciate your support!

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