May 30th: 5th Tuesday Benefit for Planned Parenthood – Belly Dance & Drag Show!

Another 5th Tuesday is upon us, and that means Underground Nomads is hosting another benefit at our home in San Francisco, F8! Here at UN, an important part of our mission is to continue to engage our diverse community and to support nonprofits, both local and worldwide! This time around, we are thrilled to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. And we’ve got a very special Belly Dance & Drag Show for you! We’re so happy to have a gaggle of new-to-UN performers joining us from Peepshow SF!

This coming Tuesday, we’ve got not one, not two, but THREE of our fantastic resident DJs holding down the decks for you! Amar, Suresh and Rafael will all be keeping the club bumping all night!

And boy, oh boy, do we have a line-up for you! A bevy of beautiful resident dancers will be gracing our stage again for a good cause! Shondell, Tatyana, Kamille, Millie Rose, Nicole Maria, Amber Burke, Laura Elisabeth, Amina, Surreyya, and Jesse Stanbridge will all be sharing their performing prowess for Planned Parenthood!

On top of that, we’re so so excited to present some new members of the Underground Nomads family! Sophilya Leggz, Joie de Vivre, Bobby Ashton, Barbie Bloodgloss, and Kitty Kapow from PeepShow will all be joining us for a Drag show spectacular! Come out and support their fantastic talents!

Performer Spotlight on Sophilya Leggz!

Known as the Only Gothic Queen in Captivity, Sophilya Leggz has been doing drag shows for fifteen years. Among drag performers her style is fairly unique and always tended towards dark and strange themes. She became involved with burlesque shows five years ago when she debuted at Hubba Hubba Revue at the Uptown Club in Oakland.  Over the course of the last few years she has become more involved with burlesque shows including Bad Influences Burlesque and City of Sin in San Jose. She also appears on a regular basis at Monday Night Hubba. Last Summer she started her own Drag, Burlesque and Variety show called PeepShow at the DNA’s sister site Codeword in SF  PeepShow has her dark and weird style.  Sophilya loves working in the Burlesque and Variety community and is a former Grand Duchess of SF. She has served on the Board of Directors of The Ducal Council of Grand Dukes and Duchesses of S.F. since 2006.  She has served in many positions within the organization including being President of the Board for four years. Sophilya is looking forward to supporting Nomads in raising money for Planned Parenthood!!

Gather your loved ones and join us for another star-studded benefit night at 1192 Folsom this coming Tuesday night!


Benefit night schedule:

8PM: Music starts
Performance sets at 9:15pm, 9:45pm, and 10:15pm.
DJ sets all night following performances, til midnight or later.

We ask $5-20 sliding scale donation for our super special benefit night (though you’re always welcome to give more if you are able/inclined!)


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