April 18th: Amar | Elsa, Millie Rose, Dalila Jasmin + Special Guest Laura Blake

LAURA BLAKE will be joining us this Tuesday night for a Special added performance. Every-so-often, we have guests visiting from out of town. This week, we have an amazing last minute addition that you do not want to miss.


Laura Blake is a Fusion Bellydancer with 22 years of performance experience in a variety of performance arts, including classical flute, voice and dance.   She fuses Bellydance, Contemporary, Locking and Butoh into a personal improvisational blend which emphasizes authentic expression and empathetic connection that creates a different world for her audience.   Laura dances with a transformative passion that captivates onlookers and unveils a tale of precision, elegance, and strength.

A nationally award winning dancer, in 2011, she won People’s Choice in Za-Beth’s Viva La Diva Competition, and in 2013 she won 1st place in the Bellydancer of the Year Award as part of the Portland-based vaudeville show, Sepiatonic.   She has co-founded multiple dance companies, and in 2016 she worked in Moria Chappel’s project “Wild Saffron”, Lulu Stone’s project “Operation Pollination’, and Ashley Lopez’s project “Allegro Collective”.  In 2016 also she became an 8 Elements Certified Datura Style Teacher through Rachel Brice, and has completed the Key of Diamonds program with Zoe Jakes. In 2014 she moved to Portland, Oregon to continue her professional training, where she is currently training under the tutelage of internationally celebrated dancers: Ashley Lopez, Deb Rubin, Rachel Brice, and Colette Todorov in Bellydance, and Mizu Desierto and Diego Pinon in Butoh.   She is also currently studying Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Pole Dance, Vogue, Waacking and Yoga. 

With all the holiday celebrations going on, we hope you’re getting to spend some wonderful quality time with loved ones this week! You know who else loves you? We over here at Underground Nomads do!  We hope you’ll continue your celebrating and togetherness with us, this coming Tuesday night at F8 (as always!)

Amar will be joining us in the DJ booth this week – a friendly, familiar face and loving soul bringing fresh mixes to get you moving on the dance floor!

Our wonderful entertainment line-up this week includes the fabulous and sweet Millie Rose, the enchanting Dalila Jasmin, and a new member of the UN family – Elsa!

Elsa has been studying belly dance for eight years, focusing on Egyptian and modern American cabaret styles. She has a passion for Middle Eastern music and is working on exploring the expressive possibilities within her chosen genre.

Elsa Pic.png

So why not bring your family and friends to meet your UN family and friends for fantastic dancing, music, and fun this coming Tuesday at 1192 Folsom!


Normal weekly schedule:

8PM: Music starts
Performance sets at 9:30 and 10.
DJ sets all night following performances, til midnight or later.

We have transitioned to earlier hours, and are now offering 2 sets of performances most weeks (occasionally, we will do just 1 set). $5 entry most weeks* – Free before 9 if you ask. *On certain weeks with larger Special Guest lineups or Special Event nights, we have sliding scale entry fee – usually $5-10 – and may not offer free early entry – but we will honor it if you ask.


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