October 25th: Amar | Natalie Nayun & the YWCA Choreography Class, Salimpour School, Verbatim, Paige Lawrence, Onyx

Here at Underground Nomads, we steadfast denizens of the night hope you’re getting all geared up and excited for Halloween festivities this week! Might we suggest you kick off your spooky shenanigans with us this coming Tuesday?

DJ Amar returns to his DJing duties this week, haunting the dance floor with his masterful mixes!

We’ve got some of our favorite usual suspects gracing our stage too: The Salimpour School, Verbatim (all the way from Sacramento), Paige Lawrence, and Onyx will be sharing their supreme talents with us this week! In addition, the fantastic Natalie Nayun will join us with her wonderful YWCA choreography class!

It’s no tricks and ALL treats this week at F8! Won’t you join us this coming Tuesday night at 1192 Folsom?


Normal weekly schedule:

8PM: Music starts
Performance sets at 9:30 and 10.
DJ sets all night following performances, till midnight or later.

We have transitioned to earlier hours, and are now offering 2 sets of performances most weeks (occasionally, we will do just 1 set). $5 entry most weeks* – Free before 9 if you ask. (*On certain weeks with larger Special Guest lineups or Special Event nights, we have sliding scale entry fee – usually $5-10 – and may not offer free early entry – but we will honor it if you ask


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