December 1st: Amar | Danielle Lottridge (Birthday Party), Surreyya, Rockabelly, Onyx, Serta, Misa

WELCOME TO DECEMBER! We’ve got another birthday to celebrate this week- DANIELLE’S! We’re looking forward to celebrating with her, and getting further into the holiday season.

DJ AMAR will be behind the decks- lucky guy is jetting off for a few weeks, so we get him on the FIRST Tuesday!

As we mentioned, Danielle Lottridge will be celebrating her birthday- by PERFORMING for us with her dancers. We also have ROCKABELLY and SURREYYA bringing the sass, and THREE FIRST TIMERS! It’s not their first time performing- it’s their first time performing at Underground Nomads!! We have the lovely MISA, ONYX, and all the way from Spain, SERTA!

FB_IMG_1435069420425 (1)

I started to bellydance in 2004  in Málaga with 3 differents teachers. At the same time I was attending many workshops along Spain with others teachers too. In 2006 I started with tribal bellydance, my first teachers were Nigma, Morgana and Debora Korek. After that I was living in Costa Rica during five years and I was travelling a lot to USA to learn tribal fusion bellydance and ATS. My first workshop there were one week retreat in Costa Rica with Rachel Brice, who was from that time one of my references and main teachers. After that I was at Mecca immersion 2009. After this first trip to the states I came back many times: 3 years at tribal fest to dance and take every workshops that I can (2010, 2011, 2012). I was attending tribal massive at Vegas in 2010 and 2014 and mini massive in 2009. I was following Zoe Jakes too in many differents workshops and festivals.

I funded my troupe, Silver Caravan, in my city, Málaga, in 2006 and an ATS troupe in Costa Rica “TRIBU NAWAR” and I came back to Spain in 2012, where I still am from then.


Dancing is my life, my way to comunicate with the world, my medicine and the most important relationship that I ever had 😉



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