September 29th: Charity Benefit for Sister to Sister- SUCCESS!

This week we had our 5th Tuesday charity night. Our good friends and community partners, FatChanceBellyDance®, are also associated with the charity ‘Sister to Sister’.

The Sister to Sister project is an initiative created by Kelley Beeston (a UK based FCBD Sister Studio and ATT graduate) to establish a sewing cooperative in the town of Sake in the North Kivu region of the Congo to help women who have been tortured and raped to re-integrate into society. Through sewing the women can earn money and regain a place in the local society that had rejected them because of their suffering. – See more at:

We had a full line up of amazing talent, and so many people came out to support!

Our regular 5th Tuesday DJ- Rafael- spun some great music and had the floor moving!

Our dancers included:
Elizabeth Strong
Laura Krumland
Rockabelly Playthings
Tat n Millie
Isabel Perdomo
Danielle Elizabeth (Portland, OR)
Calamity Sam
Wendy Marlatt
Emilie (Exotika, Barcelona, Spain)

We’re happy to announce that $315 was raised for the charity, and this is a BIG deal- the charity now has the additional money to put toward:

Sewing Machine (hand crank or foot treadle) – $150.00

Zig Zag Machine (manual) $140.00

Buttonhole Machine (manual) $37.00

Scissors, needles, pins $37.00

Assorted threads $30.00

Box of assorted buttons $15

THANK YOU to everyone that came out, performed, donated, danced, all of it! We’re so happy to put on these charity events. Our community is the reason we’re still at F8 every Tuesday- we are thankful for you all!


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