May 26: Outersect | Sadira, Tina Toy (Salimpour School), Rockabelly, Bindu Bolar

May is almost gone, but we’re still feeling the spring renewal! Our dancers are creatively refreshed after Tribal Fest, and can’t wait to share it with you!

This week, we have a special guest DJ- OUTERSECT!


Inspired by sights and sounds from around the world, Outersect fuses acoustic instruments with digital production to emerge with his own unique sonic experience. His music inspires ecstasy on the dance floor and auditory bliss.

Outersect began training as a classical pianist at age 10 before graduating to synthesizers at age 16. He is a master of the Serge Modular, a rare and extremely powerful analog synthesizer, and of the Kyma system. Outersect has written his own special software for emulating the behavior of acoustic instuments on Kyma. Most of the seemingly acoustic sounds on his tracks are actually synthesized using the Outersect Modeler for the Kyma Capybara 320.

In addition to synthesizers and keyboards, Outersect also plays the guitar, drums, shakuhachi, and many other instruments.

The second full length Outersect CD, “God Love the Fool”, was released on Beats and Pieces on 4/20/2010.

The track Kali Ma was released on Aleph-Zero’s Natural Born Chillers 2 compilation in March 2009.

The first Outersect album, Caldera, was released in September 2007 on Heart’s Eye Records from San Francisco) to worldwide acclaim.

Two digital EP’s are planned for release on Beats and Pieces soon.

DANCING this week, we have SADIRA (who stole minds and hearts with her solo at Tribal Fest) TINA TOY (Of Salimpour School- which presented the amazing Bal Anat feast for the eyes), ROCKABELLY(a dynamic group of entertainers that never fail to please), and BINDU BOLAR (whose recent Tribal Fest solo was met with oohs and aahs).

So, as you can see- you will NOT want to miss this. We can’t wait to see you all!


Normal weekly schedule:

8PM: Music starts
FEBRUARY onward: Performance sets at 9 and 10.
DJ sets all night following performances, till midnight or later. We have transitioned to earlier hours, and are now offering 2 sets of performances.

(*On certain weeks with larger Special Guest lineups, we have sliding scale entry fee and may not offer free early entry – but we will honor it if you ask).


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