Calamity Sam’s Birthday Bash! Special Guests ELIZABETH STRONG & AYSE CERAMI Calamity Sam is choosing the music for All performers. Elizabeth Strong, Wendy Marlatt, Amberetta, Tessera, Shanti Bardot, Laura Krumland, Amina Zareh, Pixie Fordtears, Ayse Cerami, FastLane I.T.S. Music by DAN CANTRELL and DJ Amar

Hey all- Calamity Sam here. So, I’m having my birthday party this Tuesday- and you’re ALL invited! I asked a bunch of my friends to come and dance, and we have a full line up of AWESOME!

There was 1 rule for the dancers that are performing. They had to let ME choose their music. They will be hearing their music for the first time AS THEY DANCE IT! I chose music that I hope each dancer will enjoy, and that will compliment their styles. It’s an experiment!!

Not only do I get to see my friends dance, but AMAR will be DJing as well! HOORAAAYYY! And SURPRISE- DAN CANTRELL will be there to add to the musical awesome of the night. SO MUCH FUN!

Our talented dance line up includes: SHANTI BARDOT (L.A.), LAURA ELISABETH, AMINA ZAREH, WENDY MARLATT, TESSERA, AMBERETTA, PIXIE FORDTEARS, and FASTLANE I.T.S. These are some of my favorite performers (and good friends!) in our community, and I’m so honored that they have agreed and are game for a night of Improv.

You’d think that would be enough, right? BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! ELIZABETH STRONG is also performing- and AYSE CERAMI(L.A.)!!!

Happy birthday to me, people. Come and celebrate double 3’s with me.


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