December 30th: Eve of NYE 5th Tuesday Benefit Bash – Underground Nomads – Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Underground Nomads present an Eve of NYE Extravaganza and benefit.

For tickets, Click on Image

Every time we have a 5th Tuesday, the Underground Nomads crew take the opportunity to support a good cause that we believe in.

Join us for an Eve of New Year’s Eve celebration in honor of our co-founder Cheb ii Sabbah – celebrating his life and music – and a celebration For and With the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, A Welcome Home party for Mable Syrup and benefit for The Sisters and Circles of Empowerment.

We will have Limited advance tickets for this special event which will include a free Glass of Champagne or Cocktail (advance $20+ tickets).

The night will include an extended lineup of dance performances and dancefloor beats with DJ Pusspuss, DJ Amar Solunamar and DJ Feral.

Featuring Jill Parker with the Foxglove Sweethearts & Little Egypt, FatChanceBellyDance, Nathalie Tedrick, Lúlu Stone, Tatyana, Amberetta & Laila Astar … PLUS … Sr. Rose Mary Chicken, Mutha Chucka & Sr. Hera Sees Candy, plus a Special Performance to welcome Sr. Mable home performed by Lady Red Bush AKA Sr. Mary Timothy Simplicity!

We will have a special dedication and altar in honor of Chebi Sabbah by Eloise Eyvette, and decorations by Gina Grandi.

Let this be your New Year’s celebration – or Pre-NYE Party! have an enjoyable night and support a good cause (2 good causes, actually. Proceeds benefit The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence And Circles Of Empowerment).


————————Featured Performers————————

Lady Red Bush


Special Performance to welcome Sr. Mable home performed by Lady Red Bush, AKA: Sr. Mary Timothy Simplicity

Sister Rose Mary Chicken




MuthaChucka is a tireless performer, fundraiser and political dragtivist based in San Francisco, host of her own show in the Castro, Sex, Drags & Rock n Roll at the Midnight Sun & SOMA party Try Some Thing at the Stud. MuthaChucka discovered her love of performing at an early age and has been amazing audiences with her fierce lipsynch, unique song choices and gracious hosting ever since! Mutha is a tireless fundraiser and has worked on behalf of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, AIDS Housing Alliance, Tenderloin Tessies Holiday Dinners, Project Open Hand and countless other charities in the Bay Area and beyond! With a rubbery face of a thousand expressions and a clever sensibility that never fails to amuse, she has made people laugh and cry with her riveting performances and twisted sense of humor! For calendar and booking information check out

Hera Sees Candy


Sister Hera Sees Candy is one of the newest members of the San Francisco house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. One of her ministries is to spread joy, mischief and meaning through performance. It is through performing that the soul can both give and receive joy in the creation of a third, participatory and transcendent joy. This is what she hopes to bring with each of her performances and as a minister in the community. Her performance for Eve of NYE will include humour, trickery, and back-to-basics drag: glamour… face… emotion.

Jill Parker


Jill will not only be performing solo, but also with her troupe Foxglove Sweethearts and her project Little Egypt.

Jill Parker, Mamma of the modern tribal fusion bellydance movement is an award winning teacher/choreographer nd director of the Foxglove Sweethearts. She’s an original member of Fat Chance Belly Dance, and with over two decades of experience, has trained the top bellydancers in the genre. Jill’s big heart and deep love for this intoxicating form shine through in her classes and performances. She’s an exceptional teacher with a knack for demystifying this sensuous dance, making it accessible to new dancers while offering insight for refinement and subtlety to the most advanced dancers.

Nathalie Tedrick

Nathalie copy

PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW RESIDENT – First performance at Underground Nomads!
Nathalie Tedrick is a professional actress, dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She has toured worldwide with the Bellydance Superstars from 2007 to the present. Nathalie has been featured on PBS, BBC, ABC, several Bellydance Superstars DVDs, Persian music videos, as well as international and national commercials. She now offers a weekly Belly Dance class for dancers of all levels Tuesday nights 6:30-7:30pm at the Temescal Arts Center in Oakland.

Lulu Stone


PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW RESIDENT – First performance at Underground Nomads!
As an anthropologist and performance artist, Lúlu Stone strives to create fun, unique, and culturally relevant experiences for her audiences. She has been immersed in Tribal Fusion belly dance since 2011, and for the past year and a half she has had the honor of receiving the direct mentorship of internationally acclaimed Tribal Fusion artist Bevin Victoria. In 2013, she, Bevin, and Laura Blake co-founded Urban Nomad Tribal Fusion Dance Company. Later that year, she completed the Initiation Phase of Rachel Brice’s “8 Elements”. Additionally, she has studied with Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Deb Rubin, April Rose, Ashley López, Onça O’Leary, Ela Rogers, and Sarah Jezebel Wood. She is also a member of Rachel Brice’s satellite studio, DaturaOnline, and she has recently begun to delve into studies of hip hop and classical Indian dance stylings.

Lúlu also has a background in Modern dance, guided by the mentorship of former Alvin Ailey member Jean Appolon, and has utilized Modern technique to cultivate her passion for dynamic and dramatic choreography. In 2013, she co-founded Boston’s first monthly theatrical belly dance event, Belly Dance Underground, and had the joy of bringing amazing performers from throughout the New England area (and in one case, all the way from India!) to dance in the show.

DJ Feral

FeralA friend, fan and supporter of Cheb i Sabbah, Feral played an amazing tribute set for Chebi at the fundraiser for him at 1015 Folsom. We are happy to have him with us for another great event and cause.

DJ Feral spins grooves that balance an urban edge with Eastern spirituality, bass beats and swirling rhythms. His mixes transform the dance-floor using organic elements of voice, percussion, Asian and Middle Eastern instruments combined with bhangra, electronic beats, breaks, and ethno-dubstep. Feral has appeared with other great DJ talents such as Cheb i Sabbah, Jef Stott, Gaudi, Karsh Kale, Radiohiro, Janaka Selekta, Global Ruckus, Dragonfly, Joro Boro, Om At Last, MC Yogi, and at major events including Wisdom 2.0, Sea of Dreams New Year’s Eve, Burning Man (Hookahdome, Entheon Village, Church of WOW and more), Harmony Festival, and Costa Rica’s Montezuma Gathering. San Francisco appearances include Hookahdome, Sea of Dreams New Year’s Eve, Masquerotica Ball, Ghost Ship 2,3 & 4, Axis Mundi, Anon Salon, Burning Man’s Decompression, Precompression & Burnal Equinox, Superhero Street Fair, Love Parade, Shockra, and more.

DJ Pusspuss


Longtime co-conspiritor working with and producing events for The Sisters since the 1990’s, DJ Pusspuss is an award-winning DJ and event producer who believes good parties save the world. He started spinning for queer youth events and is the first DJ to spin on all four floors of the SF LGBT Center. He’s done numerous events including fashion shows, SF Pride, Pink Saturday, shopping bazaars, orgies, Burning Man and even SF’s City Hall. His appreciation for innovation and creativity as well at the mindful zen of controlled chaos makes him most likely to play something you’ve never heard but will love anyway. The juice of the Pusspuss will open your eyes!

DJ Pusspuss together with The Sisters will bring you the best of the gay bar to you!
all your sins will be turned into mere fluff and everyone who wants to will get laid. A few gay anthems, some bumping booty-shakers and at least a few mixes you’ve never heard before. Prepare to indulge!

DJ Amar
– Cheb i Sabbah Nickies Tuesdays-inspired DJ Set –

Underground Nomads resident and co-founder DJ Amar spent the early years of his DJ career playing with Cheb i Sabbah and subbing for him during his legendary Tuesday weekly at Nickies in the lower Haight. This is where he met the Sisters. Sr. Mable was a regular at Nickies.  Amar started Underground Nomads as a way for Chebiji to connect with his local fans and to revive the Nickies-style weekly Outernational mix, keeping the music alive and sharing it with new audiences.

It was at Chebiji’s memorial at Dolores Park where Amar was reconnected with the Sisters, sharing a moment with Sr. Mary Timothy. Amar reached out to Timothy about doing an event together in honor of Chebiji, and planning for the EVE of NYE commenced. Since Underground Nomads has chosen to use 5th Tuesday as fundraisers for positive causes, Amar invited The Sisters to join together and be a part of the event. When we found out that Sr. Mable was coming to town from Malta, we made it a Welcome home party for her.

Amar will be playing a ‘Flashback’ set pulling out some old bangers that he and Cheb i Sabbah used to play back in the days at Nickies, fusing some of his new style – dedicated to Mable and in honor of Chebiji.


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