November 25th: All-Resident DJ Night, Holiday Handmade Bazaar, Performer Appreciation Night, Amar’s Birthday + Scorpio-Sagittarius Birthday Party

Ok, so 4 things are happening in one night …

* All four of our current monthly rotating DJs are playing – for the first time ever on one night together.
– DULCE VITA, DJ SURESH, SANTERO And AMAR will be taking turns on the decks.

– Resident Dancers are invited to share and sell their handmade creations. This includes costuming, clothing, jewelry and baked goods. As many of you know, quite a few of our dancers do more than dance. This is your chance to see and purchase some great unique holiday gifts while supporting local artists. We will be extending the holiday handmade bazaar through Dec. 23. But this night will be the biggest selection.

* Resident Appreciation, Hang-out, Meet-n-Greet night.
– This is a chance for our resident crew to mingle and hang out, and for our audience to meet our performers.
– We will also have our regularly scheduled performances, featuring Ayre Briar, Angela, Sadira, Millie Maddox (A special Vocal performance) and Olu (coming up from LA)
– Additionally, DJ Amar will be showcasing a new piece of music joined by Surreyya on vocals.

– DJ Amar will be celebrating his 44th. If your birthday is around this time, come celebrate with us. Invite some friends.



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