August 5th: Suresh | Surreyya’s Birthday Bash Feat. Dangerous Beauties, Violet Scrap, Terzi’Moirai, and more!

This Tuesday, Underground Nomads Resident DJ SURESH will be behind the decks giving you music to tear up the dancefloor. We are continuing the 1 year anniversary of Underground Nomads at F8!


We are also celebrating SURREYYA‘s BIRTHDAY! An amazing line-up of dancers will be there to party and perform. This includes: members of Dangerous Beauties (Rose Harden, Nyla Crystal, Jennifer Faust), Special Guests Violet Scrap from Italy, Charlotte Wassel and Terzi’Moirai from the UK, Bramani and MORE!



Violet Scrap is an Italian rising star of the international Tribal Fusion scene. After an early life spent studying music and visual arts, she began her journey with bellydance at the age of 18, finally feeding a lifelong desire.
Her natural tendency to self expression drove her to fuse Oriental dances with Urban dances, thus bringing her in contact with Tribal Fusion style, the love that changed her life.
After a few years of self-teaching, she started travelling in Italy to train officially, being very selective- choosing only the best professionals around. In September 2011 she began her travel abroad to perform at Shows and Haflas. Pushed by the love for the art form and the incredibly supporting worldwide feedback, 2012 is the year of her turning to fulltime dancer. Keeping up with her bellydance formation, she jumps from Yoga to Bharatanatyam, from House dance to Theatre, and starts working with the crew from the Street Dance School in Perugia. She starts studying popping and hip hop and collaborating with the dancer Alessandro Fava, and has the chance to dance for the musicians Filastine and Nova.
In 2013 she organizes The Urban Fusion festival in Perugia, the first bellydance/hip hop themed festival of the world.
To this date, she has teached and performed to many festivals and events, in Italy and abroad, trying to bring her peculiar vision of the possibility of dance all the way to Argentina, Russia, France, England, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Estonia and Austria, now planning to step her tiny feet across the Atlantic Ocean in search for more dance and more learning.
Ter’zí MoiraiTranscontinental ATS! Moirai and Ter’zím are two troupes, both formed in the UK, but now residing over 3 continents – Europe, Africa and America. All dancers are committed to maintaining the integrity of Classic ATS in order to dance and connect with others worldwide and passionate to nurture the fun and creativity it inspires.
CharlotteAn elegant and statuesque Tribal Fusion belly dancer, Charlotte loves to contrast  strong isolations with juicy flowing movement. A versatile performer, she is inspired by a wide range of music, transitioning effortlessly from heavy electronica to traditional North African rhythms. Her work varies – a dark Medusa-themed piece; rocking out a Drum Solo; or old-school Tribal complete with finger cymbals!
She has spent 8 years training with Hilde Cannoodt and is proud to teach ATS® as part of her school in Brighton. Charlotte regularly travels to train with world-class practitioners and has performed internationally and throughout the UK.
9pm start time
Performances at 10pm
Dancefloor DJ sets following the performances till last call (usually around 1am)
$5 cover . Free before 9:30 If You Ask . F8 – 1192 Folsom St., SF

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