June 17: Santero | Aubre Hill, Amberetta, Lori Tawasha

This week’s dancefloor journey will be led by one of SF’s favorite mix-master of global vibes who is also now a resident DJ at Underground Nomads – Santero !


We are extra-excited to host Special Guest Aubre Hill from Los Angeles for her first performance at Underround Nomads. Residents Amberetta and Lori Tawasha (Salimpour School) will be joining us this week as well.

We kick it off at 9pm, with performances at 10 and dancefloor following the performances.
Check out the new Cocktail menu at F8, with some special drinks made for Underground Nomads.
Tuesday nights 9pm-1am . $5 . Free before 9:30 if you ask . 21+ . F8 – 1192 Folsom St., SF.


International dance artist, choreographer, and artistic director of the Qabila Folkdance Co & the Lumina Dance Co, Aubre Hill is known for her diverse and creative ingenuity. Her technical finesse and emotive soul bring together the elements to move and inspire audiences around the world. From Los Angeles, she is thrilled to be joining the Underground Nomads for a gypsy fusion piece with music by Plotz!~ Aubre Hill!www.aubrehill.com


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