Cheb i Sabbah Memorial Events in SF and Worldwide

In honor of our recently departed Underground Nomads co-founder and resident, we lave made a new page in his honor on the site. There are several music and dance memorial events planned worldwide to celebrate his life and music, including tonight’s 1002 Nights on Nov. 21 at 1015 Folsom and A Morning Remembrance on Nov. 24 at Dolores Park (10:02am-3:33pm) on Sunday Nov. 24 in San Francisco. There will also be a Belly Dance show in his honor, likely in the springtime. Underground Nomads will host a weekly Cheb i Sabbah music Hour for at-least the rest of this year – including a special dedication on Dec. 24. We will be posting info. about events we find out about, as well as links, photos, videos and stories about his life and music on the page. If you are hosting an event, please send us a note by using the Contact form on this site.ChebiMemorial

ChebiMemFront111/12/13 Tribute to Cheb i Sabbah. DJ Amar’s Dedication set (video begins with opening words by Gina Grandi and performance in Chebiji’s honor by FatChanceBellyDance – Note: camera does not show performances, just the DJ booth). DJ Amar’s set for Chebiji follows FCBD’s performance, joined by Shabi Farooq, as in the old days at Nickie’s with Cheb i Sabbah.

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