June 18th: Dance Performers

June 18th’s performances will feature one of the most beautiful and elegant belly dancers coming out of the SF Bay Area, Masha. To mix it up, we will also have a Flamenco performance by a very talented dancer, Kristelle. Coming out of Jill Parker’s core student base, Stephanie Fields will bring a very awesome flavor of belly dance. In addition, belly dancer Jen Faust will also be bringing her talents to the evening.  Together these dancers will give us wonderful performances and night to remember.


Photo by Scott Belding

Masha is a multi-award-winning dance artist specializing in Modern and Classic Egyptian belly dance styles. She is distinguished for her grace, refined musicality, and expansive dance training within and beyond the realms of Middle Eastern dance.

Masha offers weekly classes in Berkeley, CA. and can be seen performing regularly throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Visit MashaRaqs.com ( spelled R A Q S.com ) for more information.

Kristelle Monterrosa


Kristelle Monterrosa has been performing since age 6 at venues such as the Broad Stage, Nokia Live in Downtown LA and hundreds of other theaters world wide. She trained in Theater Arts at the National Arts Institute of Buenos Aires in Argentina & is an award winning choreographer, award winning producer and co-creator of Medea Tango (www.medeatango.com) and passionate flamenco dancer. Her vision for the world is one of creative expression at it’s most authentic form. She is honored to collaborate on this show. For more info on her performances or teaching contact her on twitter @krismonterrosa, www.kristellemonterrosa.com

Stephanie Fields

Photo by: Christine Fu
Photo by: Christine Fu
Stephanie Fields is a sassy southern lady, a since-she-could walk dancer (age 3 formally), and a classically trained vocalist. Stephanie began studying tribal fusion belly dance with Gwyn of Bodhicitta BellyDance (Nashville) in 2006 & moved to San Francisco in 2010 for love (don’t worry, it worked out). She is an original and forever member of Bodhicitta, and currently performs as a solo dancer, with Jill Parker and The Foxglove Sweethearts, RockaBelly and with interactive art/dance group, Anticlockwise. Stephanie is the owner of music management & publicity company, Make It Bigger Mama + runs the southern cheese grits pop-up, Sugarfoot Grits.
She teaches weekly classes in San Francisco at ODC, the Presidio Y, Satori Yoga, and co-teaches with Jill Parker at Dance Mission. www.facebook.com/stephanieannbellydance


Photos by: Sequoia Emmanuelle


Currently collaborating with Bay Area dancers and artists such as Freya and DJ Amar, Faust has performed at events such as Hip N’ Bass, Electric Vardo and Shadowdance among others. She is also a current member of Ariellah Aflalo’s Deshret Dance Company.  In addition to working as an oncology nurse, Faust is dancing, training, choreographing, and dreaming of new projects that will push the boundaries of dance and film and movement to places unexplored.


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